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Welcome to the community of music lovers... 

United Lyra teaches music in a unique way - provides regular performance opportunities - sends them for international music examination conducted by Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music, London (ABRSM) - creates performers of high calibre in western classical music at a very young age. Our teachers are well-trained to handle young students of 6 - 19 years in a professional way, understanding, interacting and fostering a life-long engagement with music.  We teach Piano, Violin, Cello, Guitar, Saxophone, Clarinet, Flute, Trumpet, Trombone and many other music instruments.  Our music lessons are designed to lay a solid foundation in western classical music in a progressive way, providing regular performance opportunities, guest performances, and international certification.  We do focus more on acoustic music in order to master the nuances of western classical music.

We strive to develop a community of musicians who learn music in a group setting, interact socially and musically with each other, enjoy performing, set and work additional goals to get international certifications from Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music, London, world's leading provider of music examinations [ABRSM].  

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Be Unique

Learn an instrument that reflects your personality...

At Lyra, we teach special instruments like Trumpet, Trombone, Flute, Clarinet, Saxophone, Recorder, Viola, Cello, Double Bass and many other instruments.

Pick up your most favourite instrument, and continue the journey to become a professional.

Practice Makes Perfect Award Winners



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William Kumar has been an international music educator who worked in many reputed schools.  He is the Regional Coordinator of the world famous music examination board "Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music, London" for Tamil Nadu & Pondicherry region. 

Before promoting United Lyra, he was working as Band Director at the American International School, Chennai, teaching strings, band and choral music in an international setting. He has also worked in various administrative positions during his long career, including the role of Head of Music.


He is a pianist, conductor, and multi-instrumental teacher who has travelled to many countries for music workshops and festivals, including US, UK, Australia, Singapore and China. He comes with 28+ years of experience in teaching music in public and international schools where he has established departments for choral music, strings, piano and concert band. Students taught and inspired by him have won places in international and regional music festivals regularly, including the world famous "Association for Music in International Schools (AMIS), United Kingdom. 


He loves teaching music, gardening, cooking, spending time with pets, trekking and arts that promote a healthy lifestyle and wellness.  Western classical music is his passion and he is continuously working in this direction to promote the same to the younger generation.

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Parent Testimonials

Some words about United Lyra Music School - Savitha Gautam, parent of Amithav Gautam, Grade 6 piano student 2019

About five years ago,  we  were  looking  for  somebody who could teach our son Amithav to play the piano. A friend suggested Lyra school of Music, which

My kids, along with their cousins, attend the “United Lyra Music school” and our experience with the school and teachers is simply phenomenal. I was impressed right from the time William Sir asked the kids first, to explore the music that they would want to travel into, before they made their choice on an instrument to learn. 


The school’s teaching style to give the kids their own space, room to build their passion, and rightfully investing in their strengths, is truly commendable.


Thank you Lyra, and wish William Sir and his team the very best to kindle much more passionate musicians.

Bhargavi, mother of Grade 7 violinist, L&T Eden Park, Siruseri, 20th March 2023

Student Interviews

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