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What is your dream in music?

My dream is to become a professional violinist, complete my ABRSM grades in violin and singing, and help the less privileged children to learn music.  I dream big to be a violinist in symphony orchestra.

How do you feel when you play in a concert?

I really felt nervous when I performed my first concert before five years but as I went through performing concerts, I started enjoying it.   I am a student of Lyra who has performed in all seven concerts: season 1 - season 7!

How does music help you in relieving your stress on the busy days?

I really get stressed out with lot of academic homework, and to cope up, I play the violin in between and it feel so good.  It really helps a lot.

Why did you choose violin as your instrument?

I chose violin because I liked the timbre (sound) of the instrument.  And I gradually got inspired by watching the violinist in the symphony orchestras.  The most important thing in violin that I love is to play vibrato and trills and other ornaments.  

How much you like playing the violin?

I actually did not want to play violin at first when I was in UKG when my dad suggested it.  However, with my teacher's support, I went through the journey and started loving the same. I felt really good when I started appearing for the graded music exams of Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music, London, and now I have completed five grades in music.

Tell us about your practice...

Normally I practice everyday from half an hour to one hour depending on my academic homework.  During the weekends, I practice at least two hours.

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