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INTERVIEW with Evangelin Arul Davids


How did you decide to learn piano and classical guitar?  Tell us about your gradual progress in music.


I started learning piano about five years back. Initially, I was hesitant as I considered it as something that would involve me putting in a load of effort and not really enjoying it. It is typical to start with the basics and that bored me at first. So, in order to get to the pieces that interested me, I would spend time perfecting the basics. After about a year, when the pieces started becoming slightly challenging, I really enjoyed them. 


Guitar was something I considered a ‘cool’ instrument. I would see my favorite bands strumming a guitar and decided that I wanted to learn it too. The basics were easy as I was already familiar with the notes. It did take me some time to get the hang of the instrument but once I became familiar, I spent hours just singing and strumming along, apart from the classical pieces, that really test me as a guitarist.


You are a very successful and upcoming young pianist and classical guitarist at Lyra. How do you manage learning two instruments, especially considering your tight academic schedule?


Music isn’t something that I do because I’m forced to do so. Sometimes, I don’t feel like it and it’s okay. Managing two instruments at first did seem very tough but I like the variation. Sometimes I would record myself playing one instrument and play along in the other. As for my academic schedule, music is what destresses me. When I feel I need a break, piano and guitar help me. I have a few favorite pieces and I would play them when I’m stressed or down to cheer me up.


Do you agree that as a classical guitarist you could easily manage the acoustic and electrical guitar without learning them as a separate subject?


When starting electric guitar, I didn’t actually consider it a different type. I guess I was overwhelmed with the excitement that I possibly missed out the fact that it is different. It did feel different to touch but knowing what I did already really helped me. After a few minutes, it was very easy. So, yes, I agree that as a classical guitarist I was easily able to manage the others.


Did you set any goals in music for future, and if so what are they?


I do write songs and compose them at times. It would be wonderful if I could actually compose a full-length song/piece. As for my goals, I certainly would like to finish till grade 8 in both the instruments. I would also like to be professionally trained as a western vocalist. I did do classical music for about four years so I really like singing.   


As a regular church-goer, do you play hymns at home?


It  is mostly during Christmas that we engage in playing on the piano. Otherwise, if I do really like some song that I’ve heard either at the church or in a CD, then I try out the notes by ear. Sometimes, I just sing along.


Please share your joy of music learning with your audience who read this interview.


Music to me isn’t only playing vigorously for hours or being the best around. Even if I get a few moments to myself, I plug in the music and sit down to it. Piano and guitar have certainly helped me expand my knowledge about this art. At the same time, I feel happy when I play my favorite songs on these instruments. It has been a part of my life from my primary years and I really wouldn’t want to lose touch. It really is like meditation to me!

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