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The first music school in OMR, South Chennai

Some words about United Lyra Music School - Savitha Gautam, parent of Amithav Gautam

About five years ago, we were looking for somebody who could teach our son Amithav to play the piano. A friend suggested United Lyra Music School, which was just across the road. The school was one the first floor of a nondescript building, but once we entered the place, the vibe seemed positive. We met Mr. William, and his passion for western classical became evident very beginning in our conversation. We were hooked, and more important, so was Amithav.

It has been a musically enriching and fulfilling five years for Amithav, who has just completed his Grade 5. The individual attention he got from his teachers and the opportunities that came his way by way of in-school concerts, has made Amithav a confident musician today. 

The faculty’s open approach to teaching and the vast knowledge base in the realm of Western classical music, is an asset. The school has grown leaps and bounds over the years, and we wish it reaches greater heights in the coming years.

Thank you, William sir and team, for bringing music into Amithav’s life!

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