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Interview with Aru Shukla, 1st March 2019


Let us know something about yourself and your family’s musical background.


I am currently in the 9thgrade in Chennai Public School. I am originally from the state of Uttar Pradesh, but we have shifted and lived in many parts of India. So, we have connections with a lot of cultures of the country. But when it comes to music, my family has no background or links, whatsoever. I am possibly first musician in the family. 


Tell us briefly about your decision to learn Cello, and the challenges that you had initially.


I was first introduced to the Cello through a movie called August Rush. I didn’t it at the time, but I had developed a peculiar interest and liking towards the instrument. I followed it on YouTube and Pinterest, until I finally decided to learn how to play it. The challenge I faced initially was, and I think it is common for every budding musician, the need to be aware, alert and understanding of what I was supposed to do rather than what I think I was supposed to do.


Learning western classical music, tell us about the goals that you set for the coming years.


The only goal that I have set for the coming years is to explore my instrument to the fullest. As of now, I plan to continue playing the Cello as my hobby, but with nevertheless passion and practice.  


What will be your advice to the students about choosing their best instrument?


My only advice is that every instrument to exist in this world, of any culture or region, is unique. There is so much we can learn for each instrument, from each instrument. But there is always one particular that will appeal to you much more than the others, in different ways than the others, like the Cello did for me. Delve into this instrument, work towards mastering it. And always remember, and I’m quoting from the movie August Rush, Music is all around us, all you have to do is listen.


Tell us about your happy learning moments so far?


There are many happy learnings moments that I cherish like mastering slurs, crossing strings etc. One such unforgettable moment was when I started playing the songs composed by the greatest musicians like Mozart and Thomas Campion. But the most amazing feeling, the most exiting moment was when I was given my Cello, an instrument to call mine. 

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